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My name is Monica Martinez and I am the director of the Kids-n-Notes music program. I have studied and played music since I was a young child. The piano and recorder were my favorite instruments. As I grew older, however, I decided to work in child pedagogy. I earned and Associates in Science in Early Childhood Education with Honors and studied Psychology for four years. I have over 26 years of experience teaching children of all ages. In 1989 I opened my own Day Care Center. By 1991 it developed into a private Pre-Kindergarten school. With the aid of my staff, I sought to instill creativity, understanding , and knowledge in my students. Classes were custom tailored to each age group and teachers ere specially trained in childhood education. In 1992 I expanded into a private middle and high school, enrolling more than 380 students per year (this was in a small town). I have since sold my school and have begun a new one in Miami, Florida.

Since I sold my school I have worked under many music and art schools for children here in Miami. Some of them are Hale Piano, Elizabeth Delicio Corp. , Genius World , Art & Music Center , and Coral Gables Piano and Art Gallery. Many of my students have also participated on concertos at prestigious Universities in South Florida.

I am also a Spanish language teacher. I taught Spanish at the Coconut Grove Montessori School, Granada Presbyterian Church, P.A.C.E. of Miami and The Wonder Years School. During my time in Coconut Grove Montessori School I earned a Montessori Assistant Teacher Certificate.

I also teach Sunday school to children of ages three to five and have completed four L.A.P.E.N. courses. I am a teacher trainer for Baptist Association and an Official Steinway Educational Partner.

The method I use to teach piano is special. I developed in 2001 under the name Kids-n-Notes and have been using it ever since. It is specially designed to motivate children and help them learn music theory, and instrument practice, at a very young age.

I’m the kid playing the Piano in the picture above, when I was 3 years old.